Air Buddy, a product of Oceanco 14-06

The Air Buddy is the most advanced alternate air source a SCUBA diver can obtain.

Air Buddy is the modern alternate air source. It is the smallest, safest and most Air Buddy Alternate Air Sourceconvenient alternate air source on the market today. First introduced at the DEMA convention in 1996, it has become widely used by government agencies, sport divers around the world and commercial diving entities.
Since then it has evolved into the safest alternate air source made, used in many different emergency breathing systems and delivering up to 20% more air time on a given supply of air than any other system.
 It has also been featured and or used in various of the Sea Worlds, the CirqueDuSoleil water show, the US Free Diving Team, the movie "The Poseidon Adventure", The Weeki Wachee Springs mermaid show and many other places .