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A must have tool for every SCUBA diver

The Moray Laser Pointer
Note: This laser conforms to all applicable US regulations for use in the United States.

We are proud to introduce the Moray Laser,  our newest model: The only underwater laser with all of these features.

  •  Up to 38 % brighter than other lasers in the same power class. (<5 mW IIIa is the most powerful laser now made for underwater use that is legal in the United States.
  • Can safely dive to 400 feet.
  • Made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Can be operated even while wearing heavy dive gloves.
  • Largest laser mounting assembly of any in its class
  • Cooling fins around the laser head
  • Oversize aluminum laser module housing for additional cooling
  • Can be left on for entire dive without overheating 
  • Heavy duty wrist strap
  • Uses 2 inexpensive, easy to obtain AA penlight batteries


The ability to point and signal conveniently, day or night, is now provided by the green laser. It is fast becoming a necessary item in every diver's gear list. (The images on this page are simulated)


  • Convenient size, 6 inches long. Easy to hold in your hand.
  • Only one moving part. No buttons to operate or turn (or leak). The only moving part is half of the entire unit allowing you to operate it easily even while wearing heavy diving gloves.  It also makes it easy for people with small hands to operate because you don't have to use your finger tips to turn anything.  You can grasp it with your entire hands.
  • Heavy duty wrist lanyard with locking slide. May be hung safely from your wrist or equipment D rings without fear of loss.
  • Why is green the laser of choice for SCUBA?    The color that is most visible to the human eye is green.  The water itself is a filter that absorbs most colors but it allows green to pass almost without resistance. It is about 30 to 50 times brighter than the red lasers being sold for underwater use.  Using a red laser under water would be like using a pingpong paddle in a tennis match instead of a tennis racket.
  • Increased brightness  US Federal law limits the power of this class of laser.  One problem with green laser crystals is that they generate a lot of heat.  That is a problem because they tend to dim as they heat up. We solved that problem by making the only underwater laser with cooling fins on the laser module housing.  The cooling fins dissipate the heat the same as is done in car radiators and air conditioners. That keeps the laser module cooler and brighter.
  • Power is supplied by inexpensive AA penlight batteries. The Moray Laser is  built to operate on batteries that can be purchased easily anywhere in the world.  One set of two will last through multiple dives and you can easily carry extra batteries if you are going to be on an extended trip.  Rechargeable batteries are fine for toys and electronics that you use once in a while, but if you are a pro, you need to know that  you can throw a couple of new batteries in the laser and you're good to go.
  • It comes with batteries, a set of spare O-rings and a convenient container of spare O-ring grease.


Special discount for dive buddies

To promote the safety of diving with a partner, we are offering (for a limited time) a half price sale on a second Moray Laser when you purchase one, both mailed to the same address. 

See below to select the correct purchase deal for two Moray Lasers.


Moray Laser

One Moray Laser

includes heavy duty wrist lanyard, batteries, set of spare O-rings, container of high grade O-ring lubricant and FREE SHIPPING to any of the 50 states.

Half price sale of Moray Lasers

Second laser in set is at half price.

includes heavy duty wrist lanyard, batteries, set of spare O-rings, container of high grade O-ring lubricant and FREE SHIPPING to any of the 50 states.

Replacement Wrist Lanyard

Replacement wrist lanyard w/shipping to USA address

Replacement O rings

Replacement set of 2 O rings w/shipping to USA address

Replacement Battery Spring

Replacement battery spring w/shipping to USA address