Air Buddy Upgrade & Service

The Air Buddy AB2000 NX Nitrox model is now ready.
NOTE: If your Air Buddy has a colored nylon ring around the barrel below the mouthpiece, or if you have had your Air Buddy for longer than one year it is time to get it serviced.  
We  will do a complete safety check and repair or replace anything needed for  only $15.00 plus $8 s/h. That will include parts, labor, postage and insurance. Your Air Buddy needs servicing at least every 2 years.

In addition, when you have your Air Buddy serviced, if it is the old model AB-911, it will be upgraded to the  AB2000 NX.

There are now TWO models of the Air Buddy
1. AB-911    identified by the absence of any  nylon ringcompare AB911 to AB2000
This is the original model and will supply enough air  to return to the surface from a maximum depth of 130 feet with no additional stress involved.  It was intended strictly for beginning divers who will not be encumbered by extra equipment or in an area involving currents.

And now:
2. AB-2000 NX   used to be identified by a colored nylon ring to differentiate it from the AB-911. Since we have discontinued the AB-911 we no longer place nylon rings on any model.
The illustration shows one with a green ring.
The AB-2000 is a high performance model that will supply enough air to a maximum depth of 300 feet. It will also supply enough air to fill lift bags, blow whistles, and use as a utility air source. It will provide enough air to allow a diver to lift another diver or a big bag of lobsters or a heavy camera back to the surface.

Instructions to send for service.  Please send only the part you see in the picture above right.  We will return it in 2 working days with your FREE whistle (see below).  You can pay for the service by using the shopping cart below. Mail your Air Buddy in a simple package  to the address below.  Make sure you put your name and address clearly in the package. Your payment will arrive before your package so we will be waiting to service your Air Buddy.
If you prefer, you may include a check with the Air Buddy, for $22.00 made payable to Sea Turtle Scuba if you are at a USA address or a check for $36.00 if your address is outside the USA.
If you have any questions you may contact us at
Air Buddy  Service
Sea Turtle Scuba, Inc.
18610 Sea Turtle Lane
Boca Raton, FL 33498


Service for Air Buddy

Service for Air Buddy
Includes replacement of all parts that need replacement and automatic upgrade to the latest model of Air Buddy at the time of service. Special, for a limited time, you will receive a FREE Air Buddy Storm Whistle, the loudest whistle a diver can carry.  Placed against the mouthpiece of the Air Buddy, the whistle can be heard up to a half mile above water and up to 30 feet under water. This is a FREE $9.95 bonus gift.