Air Buddy on Pony Bottle

The AB-911-Pony Set mounted on a regulator 1st stage.

air buddy pony bottle set
The Pony Set consists of two standard parts and one optional:
1. The Air Buddy itself (the one in the picture is the AB-911 because it has no gold ring). Keep in mind that this unit is not designed to go below 130 feet. If deep dives or stressful dives are anticipated, use the AB-2000.
2. The Safety valve which will protect the diver from a malfunctioning 1st stage preventing the low pressure to rise above 190 psi.
3. The optional mini-pressure gauge which allows the diver to read tank pressure at a glance. Sea Turtle Scuba offers these gauges but it is a standard gauge and may be purchased from various distributors.

Rig a pony bottle your any size you like.

The AB-911-Pony or the AB-2000-Pony allows the diver to put together a pony bottle rig that provides enough air to get back safely from whatever dive is planned.
The photo at the right shows the Air Buddy Pony Set being used on a 6 cubic foot pony bottle which is small enough to put in your BCD pocket and carries enough air to get back safely and comfortably from any sport diving depth.

You can just as easily put the mouthpiece on a 13 cubic foot or larger pony bottle.
If you want to use it on a large pony bottle that would be fastened to your main tank, you can use the Air Buddy rigged with the low pressure octopus hose to reach around to the front.
To get your supply of breathing air, just bite it gently with your teeth and feel the air flood your mouth.